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Creating Pottery

I fell in love with creating pottery as a teen and started my own studio, Panton Pottery in Panton, Vermont at age 24. But my full-time job took precedence, and I took a break from clay. Now I am excited to be back throwing on the wheel and creating functional stoneware pottery for the last seven years. I currently make my pottery at my home studio in Biddeford, Maine.  You can buy my pottery at Trillium in Biddeford, ME.

My work is inspired by natural colors of the earth, ocean and sky. I use clay and glazes that are lead-free and food safe. My pottery is dishwasher safe, can be microwaved and put in the oven.


My latest creations are designed with animals, vegetables, houses, waves and landscapes inspired by my favorite place the Maine coast.  They are made using Sgraffito (in Italian "to scratch") technique.  I throw the pot with white stoneware clay, brush on black liquid clay (slip) and carve back to unveil a white design. The pot is bisque fired at cone 05 (1900F) then dipped in clear or colored glaze and fired again to cone 5 (2100F). 

I hope you enjoy my pottery! Cary P. Frye



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